The Guide to Replace 5th Gen VW Jetta Cabin Air Filter

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We’re going to be showing you how to replace the dust and pollen cabin air filter on this 2005 Jetta, it’s pretty much the same for any 2005 to 2013 Jetta as well as similar generations of the Golf GTI, CC as well as Passat and also the Audi TT and a three.

For the Jetta, you’ll need a new cabin dust and pollen filter, a small flat blade screwdriver and a flashlight.

Start off in the passenger side front underneath, use the small flat blade screwdriver to remove those two clips, once those clips are out, pull that foam panel down and out, the cabin air filter is in the airbox. Pull the little tab towards the outside of the vehicle or to the right and you can pull that door off and then pull the cabin air filter down and out.

To install the new filter, there are air flow arrows, you want those pointing towards the front of the car, then you slip it up inside and once you have it all in the place where the door has tabs on it. that kind of go into the filter and then you push the door up in place and slide it over towards the driver’s side or to your left to latch it into place.

Push that foam panel up into the front or the area near your glove box first, get it around all the vent holes and then push it up into place around the sides in the back. And then replace those two screw Clips start off, tighten it lightly with the screwdriver.

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