Month: March 2020

5 Steps to Check Your Vehicle Condition


When you have a vehicle, it is necessary to make periodic inspections to see that everything works correctly. From the liquids to the braking systems of the vehicle are parts that should check at least every 15 days, to see that everything is in good condition.

Next, we will make a list of everything a driver should know how to do:

1st Oil check: the oil is the component that flows inside the parts and is responsible for lubricating all the moving parts of the engine assembly.

If the condition of the oil is bad, we take the oil level to a minimum or a long time with the oil without changing; we seriously harm the grease efficiency it has. That is why checking the standard and the kilometers. We have left for the next revision essential to keep our engine healthy.


2nd Coolant and brake fluids: The coolant is responsible for transporting the heat of the engine and cooling it to keep it at the optimum temperature of use. Therefore it is essential to have this liquid between the maximum and minimum marks.

The brake fluid is responsible for pushing the cylinder through a pump that is operated with the brake pedal the cylinder that pushes the pads and by friction with the disc brake stop the vehicle, if this fluid is in poor condition or below the level, the effectiveness of braking will reduce.

3rd Wheels: it is the only contact that the vehicle has with the ground, therefore, it must be in good condition both air and tread with depth, the air must be checked once a week this will cause the tire to wear be the same inside as inside the wheel. The legal minimum is 1.6 mm.


4th Brakes: both the state of wear of the pads and the condition of the discs is essential for effective braking. Also, the brake fluid mentioned above is necessary to make good brakes.

The display of the wear of the pads can observe when the plate that presses the Ferodo is very close to the brake disc. You know that a brake disc is in poor condition there are cracks in the metal, or the thickness of the disc is much lower than the original, it checked in the upper edge of the disc, it can see that the metal protrudes or with a caliber.

5th Documentation: the current ITV becomes essential to drive without being fined by public roads; they can also detect problems in the vehicle and replace them to make the vehicle safer. Remember that it has an expiration day, not a month.


The expiration of the vehicle insurance, knowing the expiration date, is essential to be covered in case of an accident, and apart from Spain, it is mandatory to carry out civil liability insurance.

This result is all that drivers should know how to do to our vehicle, it is not complicated, but many times due to lack of time, it did not do. Leave us in the comment box that you make more revisions to your vehicle.

What is the Feature of the Gearbox

car gearbox

One of the main causes of breakdown in gearboxes is the lack of lubrication, which causes excessive wear of the moving parts of the gearboxes.

These typical gearbox failures produce a bad driving experience while driving, and if the problem is not solved, it will get worse.

What are the most typical faults of the gearbox?

– Scratch a single speed: In this case, the running shower synchronizer is worn, and therefore its repair is to replace the synchronizer.

car gearbox

– Hardness in the selection of speeds: this can be produced by dirt accumulated in the change, the rods in poor condition, or wear more than remarkable in the fork and the hub of the synchronizer. The latter can cause us to remain without a selector when leaving the site.

The solution to this problem is to clean everything, preferably with a 3-in-1 type lubricant, check and replace the most worn rods and change the fork.

– Scratch all gears: when the gear you select does not matter, scratching in the usual way can be a symptom of a bad clutch condition, or that the selection system is broken with a lot of slack or is not well regulated.

To solve this problem, we will check the clutch, and if possible we will approach it without it being too approximate, if this road is the clutch, we will check gaps in rods, etc. Replacing the defective ones.

-Another typical failure of the gearbox is an excessive or strange noise.

car gearbox

This result can be caused by excessive slack in the gears that make up the gearbox, that the bearings of the gearbox are in poor condition, lack of oil in the gearbox.

To solve this noise in excess, we will check the level of the gearbox. We can take advantage of changing the oil of the gearbox, but first, we must check the bearings of the gearbox and the gears of the gearbox that are in good condition and, if necessary, replace bearings or gears; Then we will proceed to change the gearbox oil.

Skip a gear: this occurs when we have the loose or broken fixing spring or a lot of wear on the parts that make up the fork and the linkage, the solution for this problem is to change the worn parts in excess, fork, spring, and rods.

car gearbox

Another point to consider :

The clutch and the gearbox are related to each other. If we have a clutch failure, noises may appear in the gearbox, skating the car and making it difficult to engage a gear or scratching, and not being a cause of the gearbox if not being excessive wear on the clutch disc.

How to Check if the Car Clutch is in Bad Condition

car clutch

The clutch is a mechanism whose main mission is to transmit the engine power to the change in a progressive manner and without the engine heated. It is a reliable and silent system, which normally lasts between 150,000km and 200,000km.

But how do we know if a clutch is in good condition? When a clutch is in poor condition, the following causes may occur:


1, The vehicle increases the revolutions, but the car does not move: this occurs because of the clutch slips, as a rule, the elements that are in poor condition are the lining of the clutch disc that is worn. Another reason is that the disc greased due to the loss of the crankshaft seal.

The solution for both cases is the replacement and cleaning of the parts, and it is advisable to use a new complete clutch kit and replace the crankshaft seal.

2, When we actuate the clutch pedal it makes noise: this fault is related to the clutch collar, the following circumstances may occur: firstly, that the collar does not have enough lubrication or that the collar is damaged.

car clutch

The fastest solution is the replacement of the collar in case the clutch disc has more than 150,000km replacement is advisable since we have to disassemble many parts to access the clutch. (bearings, ball joints, starter motor, clutch cable, etc.).

3, Another problem is that all speeds scratch: normally caused by the clutch disc does not disengage when the clutch is depressed. This failure may be due to the poor regulation of the clutch assembly, cable, hydraulic elements rods, etc. To do this, we must regulate the path of the pedal to allow the disc to be completely disengaged.

4, The clutch gives pulls: this occurs when the disc is applied irregularly, (the crooked clutch pressed). For this last clutch fault, it is advisable to replace the entire clutch with a clutch kit. To prevent oil leakage also and advises the replacement of the crankshaft seal preventively.

car clutch

Currently, there are clutch kits that provide centering devices, so the task of changing a clutch in terms of centering the clutch has simplified. Before doing a clutch repair we must check the condition of the gearbox. We leave this link to another article where you can rule out that a bad condition of the gearbox causes the failure.

How Often Should I Change My Car Oil

car oil

Normally when you do not use your car, it is not necessary that you are changing the oil every month, as would be estimated in vehicles with kilometers already made.

We are indeed going to oils that are changing less and less frequently if normal is around 10,000 – 15,000km. Say that with these oils that are called Long-life, we can double the kilometers of our vehicle, passing, therefore, at 30,000 kilometers without having to make an oil change.

car oil

If the recommended was 10,000, how can we go to 30,000?

Well, over the years in the lubricant industry the batteries were put, together with the filtering system, the oil that we will add to our vehicle is of much better quality. Therefore its degradation by use is much lower; apart from the new vehicles being so tuned, the engines produce almost no sediments (friction chips), improving lubrication and filtration efficiencies.

In the gearboxes, the box oil (valvular) changed every so often. However, it is not the same case, since the cylinders and turbo do not work as do the gears of the gearbox. If the same is maintained In principle, keeping the assembly lubricated for longer working time, so a 10W40 does not have the same price as the new generation.

car oil

But well, what if in a year I don’t meet the estimated kilometers of change?

When the kilometers of a vehicle does not meet the margins of change of oils or liquids, proposed itself, it estimated that at least one annual oil change should make. Since due to changes in temperatures and the passage of time of this oil, it can cause its particles to suffer wear as long as the vehicle’s oil tank ( crankcase ) has been taking so long, causing efficiency in the lubrication of the engine assembly.

Anyway, the car brands themselves recommend in their maintenance books when we must make the change, if we want to be safe we ​​must review it.

car oil

What is clear is that we must use good oil to avoid sediments, cold wear, and improve the lubrication of our car. Either because we reach the kilometers or because we have completed the year, we recommend a change if or if to avoid scares.

How to Maintain the Car’s Paint

car paint

The most visible part of our vehicle is the body; this body is protected with a series of layers of paint to protect them from external agents that occur in the day to day, which could cause the appearance of rust and deterioration of the metal.

But with time, for some bad washes or the carelessness of it, we appreciate that it has lost brightness and is no longer what it was, so from repair your car, we want to give you this series of tips to take care of your vehicle’s paint.

If your car lives next to the sea, you will know more than anyone else what your vehicle suffers, since salt corrodes all the metal, brings out the paint, and leaves the car older than it is.

car paint

Here are our six tips to take care of your car’s paint :

1, Avoid the washing with rollers of the gas stations: they are pure polishes for the painting of your car, if you want to keep your car in optimal conditions do not do it because what you are doing is leaving the car with small scratches on the body.

2, As far as possible that the vehicle sleeps undercover or cover, this will protect from the continuous scourges of the weather.

3, Wash and remove all dirt from the car once every month, necessary to remove all the dust accumulated for a month, we will appreciate it.

car paint

4, polish the body when it loses shine and is very scratched. To see a radical change, we will proceed to polish our vehicle to return the shine and eliminate all the scratches produced.

5, Protect our car with wax: it is very important to cover our car with wax so that it is protected, for example, in winter or so that the paint is not toasted in the summer, this layer of wax what it does is create a barrier between the painting and the weather.

car paint

6, Wash in winter after passing on roads with salt: Salt is the number one enemy of vehicles, and in winter, it abounds if you live in an area of ​​precipitation in the form of snow or heavy frosts. We will wash the bottom of the cars with the apprehension machine of the gas stations, to protect from rust.

If you want your car to be like the first one, those are our six tips to take care of the painting of our car, I hope they serve you, and if you know, other ways leave us a comment in the comment box, which appears in the background.

How to Wash Your Car at Home

washing a car

From repair, your car we want to give you some tips to wash your car at home correctly, since doing it wrong can damage the paint.

The material necessary for a good wash is as follows:

  • Soap of the highest quality that we can afford and make foam.
  • Two buckets of water
  • A special wool glove to wash your car.
  • A brush or microfiber depending on the tires arms

washing a car

Six steps to wash the car correctly:

1, Always do prewash: with this, what we will achieve is to remove the fatter dirt and soften all the dirt so when we pass a glove, do not scratch the paint. (Wash from top to bottom)

2, We will fill two buckets with water: in the first bucket, we will have water to rinse the glove after passing it through the body and leave the fatter dirt in that bucket.

In the second, we will have the bucket with soap and water that if we follow the technique of the two buckets, we will always have clean water of harmful agents for our body.

washing a car

3, With the glove, we will pass through the whole body, but not in a random way. Still, we will divide the car into several parts, for example, we wash a door, rinse the glove in a bucket of water without soap, we put the water in soap with water, and we will pass to the next area, for example, a fin or another door. Always be careful not to drop the glove on the floor or pass it through very dirty areas so as not to scratch the body.

Another tip, do not trace the dirt with the glove has to come out little by little so that you would avoid scratching the paint.

4, Leave the tires for the last: clean your tires with the leftover soap and clean them both on your arm and in the center of the tire.

Use the microfiber and brush if necessary, there are also tools for cleaning tires that you can buy if necessary because there are multi-link tires that are quite complicated to clean.

washing a car

5, Clarify: there are two ways to do the job if it is not very dirty, it clears everything in the end, and if it has a lot of dirt, it is better to clear up area by area so that there are no marks left.

6, Drying: Drying is very important so that there are no other watermarks left after washing, we will do it with a special large towel for car drying, since these absorb the water much better, doing so that we suppose a greater effort.

The result you will get is a shiny car and satisfaction after work that you have taken more than satisfactory.

These are all the tips you should keep in mind to wash your car, if you know any more and want to share them, leave it in the comment box.