How to Maintain the Car’s Paint

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car paint

The most visible part of our vehicle is the body; this body is protected with a series of layers of paint to protect them from external agents that occur in the day to day, which could cause the appearance of rust and deterioration of the metal.

But with time, for some bad washes or the carelessness of it, we appreciate that it has lost brightness and is no longer what it was, so from repair your car, we want to give you this series of tips to take care of your vehicle’s paint.

If your car lives next to the sea, you will know more than anyone else what your vehicle suffers, since salt corrodes all the metal, brings out the paint, and leaves the car older than it is.

car paint

Here are our six tips to take care of your car’s paint :

1, Avoid the washing with rollers of the gas stations: they are pure polishes for the painting of your car, if you want to keep your car in optimal conditions do not do it because what you are doing is leaving the car with small scratches on the body.

2, As far as possible that the vehicle sleeps undercover or cover, this will protect from the continuous scourges of the weather.

3, Wash and remove all dirt from the car once every month, necessary to remove all the dust accumulated for a month, we will appreciate it.

car paint

4, polish the body when it loses shine and is very scratched. To see a radical change, we will proceed to polish our vehicle to return the shine and eliminate all the scratches produced.

5, Protect our car with wax: it is very important to cover our car with wax so that it is protected, for example, in winter or so that the paint is not toasted in the summer, this layer of wax what it does is create a barrier between the painting and the weather.

car paint

6, Wash in winter after passing on roads with salt: Salt is the number one enemy of vehicles, and in winter, it abounds if you live in an area of ​​precipitation in the form of snow or heavy frosts. We will wash the bottom of the cars with the apprehension machine of the gas stations, to protect from rust.

If you want your car to be like the first one, those are our six tips to take care of the painting of our car, I hope they serve you, and if you know, other ways leave us a comment in the comment box, which appears in the background.

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