How to Wash Your Car at Home

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washing a car

From repair, your car we want to give you some tips to wash your car at home correctly, since doing it wrong can damage the paint.

The material necessary for a good wash is as follows:

  • Soap of the highest quality that we can afford and make foam.
  • Two buckets of water
  • A special wool glove to wash your car.
  • A brush or microfiber depending on the tires arms

washing a car

Six steps to wash the car correctly:

1, Always do prewash: with this, what we will achieve is to remove the fatter dirt and soften all the dirt so when we pass a glove, do not scratch the paint. (Wash from top to bottom)

2, We will fill two buckets with water: in the first bucket, we will have water to rinse the glove after passing it through the body and leave the fatter dirt in that bucket.

In the second, we will have the bucket with soap and water that if we follow the technique of the two buckets, we will always have clean water of harmful agents for our body.

washing a car

3, With the glove, we will pass through the whole body, but not in a random way. Still, we will divide the car into several parts, for example, we wash a door, rinse the glove in a bucket of water without soap, we put the water in soap with water, and we will pass to the next area, for example, a fin or another door. Always be careful not to drop the glove on the floor or pass it through very dirty areas so as not to scratch the body.

Another tip, do not trace the dirt with the glove has to come out little by little so that you would avoid scratching the paint.

4, Leave the tires for the last: clean your tires with the leftover soap and clean them both on your arm and in the center of the tire.

Use the microfiber and brush if necessary, there are also tools for cleaning tires that you can buy if necessary because there are multi-link tires that are quite complicated to clean.

washing a car

5, Clarify: there are two ways to do the job if it is not very dirty, it clears everything in the end, and if it has a lot of dirt, it is better to clear up area by area so that there are no marks left.

6, Drying: Drying is very important so that there are no other watermarks left after washing, we will do it with a special large towel for car drying, since these absorb the water much better, doing so that we suppose a greater effort.

The result you will get is a shiny car and satisfaction after work that you have taken more than satisfactory.

These are all the tips you should keep in mind to wash your car, if you know any more and want to share them, leave it in the comment box.

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