How Often Should I Change My Car Oil

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car oil

Normally when you do not use your car, it is not necessary that you are changing the oil every month, as would be estimated in vehicles with kilometers already made.

We are indeed going to oils that are changing less and less frequently if normal is around 10,000 – 15,000km. Say that with these oils that are called Long-life, we can double the kilometers of our vehicle, passing, therefore, at 30,000 kilometers without having to make an oil change.

car oil

If the recommended was 10,000, how can we go to 30,000?

Well, over the years in the lubricant industry the batteries were put, together with the filtering system, the oil that we will add to our vehicle is of much better quality. Therefore its degradation by use is much lower; apart from the new vehicles being so tuned, the engines produce almost no sediments (friction chips), improving lubrication and filtration efficiencies.

In the gearboxes, the box oil (valvular) changed every so often. However, it is not the same case, since the cylinders and turbo do not work as do the gears of the gearbox. If the same is maintained In principle, keeping the assembly lubricated for longer working time, so a 10W40 does not have the same price as the new generation.

car oil

But well, what if in a year I don’t meet the estimated kilometers of change?

When the kilometers of a vehicle does not meet the margins of change of oils or liquids, proposed itself, it estimated that at least one annual oil change should make. Since due to changes in temperatures and the passage of time of this oil, it can cause its particles to suffer wear as long as the vehicle’s oil tank ( crankcase ) has been taking so long, causing efficiency in the lubrication of the engine assembly.

Anyway, the car brands themselves recommend in their maintenance books when we must make the change, if we want to be safe we ​​must review it.

car oil

What is clear is that we must use good oil to avoid sediments, cold wear, and improve the lubrication of our car. Either because we reach the kilometers or because we have completed the year, we recommend a change if or if to avoid scares.

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