How to Check if the Car Clutch is in Bad Condition

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car clutch

The clutch is a mechanism whose main mission is to transmit the engine power to the change in a progressive manner and without the engine heated. It is a reliable and silent system, which normally lasts between 150,000km and 200,000km.

But how do we know if a clutch is in good condition? When a clutch is in poor condition, the following causes may occur:


1, The vehicle increases the revolutions, but the car does not move: this occurs because of the clutch slips, as a rule, the elements that are in poor condition are the lining of the clutch disc that is worn. Another reason is that the disc greased due to the loss of the crankshaft seal.

The solution for both cases is the replacement and cleaning of the parts, and it is advisable to use a new complete clutch kit and replace the crankshaft seal.

2, When we actuate the clutch pedal it makes noise: this fault is related to the clutch collar, the following circumstances may occur: firstly, that the collar does not have enough lubrication or that the collar is damaged.

car clutch

The fastest solution is the replacement of the collar in case the clutch disc has more than 150,000km replacement is advisable since we have to disassemble many parts to access the clutch. (bearings, ball joints, starter motor, clutch cable, etc.).

3, Another problem is that all speeds scratch: normally caused by the clutch disc does not disengage when the clutch is depressed. This failure may be due to the poor regulation of the clutch assembly, cable, hydraulic elements rods, etc. To do this, we must regulate the path of the pedal to allow the disc to be completely disengaged.

4, The clutch gives pulls: this occurs when the disc is applied irregularly, (the crooked clutch pressed). For this last clutch fault, it is advisable to replace the entire clutch with a clutch kit. To prevent oil leakage also and advises the replacement of the crankshaft seal preventively.

car clutch

Currently, there are clutch kits that provide centering devices, so the task of changing a clutch in terms of centering the clutch has simplified. Before doing a clutch repair we must check the condition of the gearbox. We leave this link to another article where you can rule out that a bad condition of the gearbox causes the failure.

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