5 Steps to Check Your Vehicle Condition

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When you have a vehicle, it is necessary to make periodic inspections to see that everything works correctly. From the liquids to the braking systems of the vehicle are parts that should check at least every 15 days, to see that everything is in good condition.

Next, we will make a list of everything a driver should know how to do:

1st Oil check: the oil is the component that flows inside the parts and is responsible for lubricating all the moving parts of the engine assembly.

If the condition of the oil is bad, we take the oil level to a minimum or a long time with the oil without changing; we seriously harm the grease efficiency it has. That is why checking the standard and the kilometers. We have left for the next revision essential to keep our engine healthy.


2nd Coolant and brake fluids: The coolant is responsible for transporting the heat of the engine and cooling it to keep it at the optimum temperature of use. Therefore it is essential to have this liquid between the maximum and minimum marks.

The brake fluid is responsible for pushing the cylinder through a pump that is operated with the brake pedal the cylinder that pushes the pads and by friction with the disc brake stop the vehicle, if this fluid is in poor condition or below the level, the effectiveness of braking will reduce.

3rd Wheels: it is the only contact that the vehicle has with the ground, therefore, it must be in good condition both air and tread with depth, the air must be checked once a week this will cause the tire to wear be the same inside as inside the wheel. The legal minimum is 1.6 mm.


4th Brakes: both the state of wear of the pads and the condition of the discs is essential for effective braking. Also, the brake fluid mentioned above is necessary to make good brakes.

The display of the wear of the pads can observe when the plate that presses the Ferodo is very close to the brake disc. You know that a brake disc is in poor condition there are cracks in the metal, or the thickness of the disc is much lower than the original, it checked in the upper edge of the disc, it can see that the metal protrudes or with a caliber.

5th Documentation: the current ITV becomes essential to drive without being fined by public roads; they can also detect problems in the vehicle and replace them to make the vehicle safer. Remember that it has an expiration day, not a month.


The expiration of the vehicle insurance, knowing the expiration date, is essential to be covered in case of an accident, and apart from Spain, it is mandatory to carry out civil liability insurance.

This result is all that drivers should know how to do to our vehicle, it is not complicated, but many times due to lack of time, it did not do. Leave us in the comment box that you make more revisions to your vehicle.

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