What is the Feature of the Gearbox

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car gearbox

One of the main causes of breakdown in gearboxes is the lack of lubrication, which causes excessive wear of the moving parts of the gearboxes.

These typical gearbox failures produce a bad driving experience while driving, and if the problem is not solved, it will get worse.

What are the most typical faults of the gearbox?

– Scratch a single speed: In this case, the running shower synchronizer is worn, and therefore its repair is to replace the synchronizer.

car gearbox

– Hardness in the selection of speeds: this can be produced by dirt accumulated in the change, the rods in poor condition, or wear more than remarkable in the fork and the hub of the synchronizer. The latter can cause us to remain without a selector when leaving the site.

The solution to this problem is to clean everything, preferably with a 3-in-1 type lubricant, check and replace the most worn rods and change the fork.

– Scratch all gears: when the gear you select does not matter, scratching in the usual way can be a symptom of a bad clutch condition, or that the selection system is broken with a lot of slack or is not well regulated.

To solve this problem, we will check the clutch, and if possible we will approach it without it being too approximate, if this road is the clutch, we will check gaps in rods, etc. Replacing the defective ones.

-Another typical failure of the gearbox is an excessive or strange noise.

car gearbox

This result can be caused by excessive slack in the gears that make up the gearbox, that the bearings of the gearbox are in poor condition, lack of oil in the gearbox.

To solve this noise in excess, we will check the level of the gearbox. We can take advantage of changing the oil of the gearbox, but first, we must check the bearings of the gearbox and the gears of the gearbox that are in good condition and, if necessary, replace bearings or gears; Then we will proceed to change the gearbox oil.

Skip a gear: this occurs when we have the loose or broken fixing spring or a lot of wear on the parts that make up the fork and the linkage, the solution for this problem is to change the worn parts in excess, fork, spring, and rods.

car gearbox

Another point to consider :

The clutch and the gearbox are related to each other. If we have a clutch failure, noises may appear in the gearbox, skating the car and making it difficult to engage a gear or scratching, and not being a cause of the gearbox if not being excessive wear on the clutch disc.

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